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Congratulations Daixin!!

Daixin CaoEarlier this September HAITC Parks and Recreation Management student Daixin Cao won a prize in the national online virtual curatorial competition held by the Zhejiang Province Museum.

"To celebrate this year's Women's Day, the Zhejiang Provincial Museum is hosting an exhibition of paintings focusing on ancient Chinese women called 丽人行 (the title is from a satirical poem by Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu). At the same time, the museum launched an online exhibition and held this curatorial competition on the basis of the online exhibition. The organizer provides site models and photos of cultural relics as materials. Participants can use these materials to determine any theme they like, and then complete the work. For example, my theme is the living space of women in the Qing Dynasty." - Daixin Cao, on the context of the competition.

Explore Daixin's amazing work in the Zhejiang Provincial Museum's exhibition at: https://lrx.zjmuex.com/

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HAITC Professor's Growth at Tourism Journal Blossoms

Dr. Xiao Xiao's recent story into her success and learning outcomes as an early-career editor has been posted to Tourism Management Perspectives' social media page. Tourism Management Perspectives is a top-tier tourism research journal specializing in planning and management of travel and tourism, tourist experiences, and its' consequences of for communities, economies and environments. Dr. Xiao joined the journal in September of 2021 as part of the Aspiring Career Editor program, and is thrilled to be able to share her experiences in the program with others. Dr. Xiao is a lecturer with the HAITC program teaching Program Planning and Evaluation and Assessment, and has a research focus in parks and recreation planning, tourism geography, and community engagement in rural and urban environments.

Our team at HAITC are constantly working towards self-improvement and lifelong learning, furthering HAITC'S goals of continuous innovation in sustainable tourism and management.

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