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Watts Wellness

Watts Wellness is the student wellness model that guides student support initiatives and programming at Watts College. Based on the Six Dimensions of Wellness, as developed by Dr. Bill Hettler of the National Wellness Institute (2020), it features six categories to support the holistic wellness of our students.

Watts Wellness Wheel

Intellectual Wellness recognizes the need to develop our minds. Some of the ways we support this dimension of wellness are through promoting learning support services, and ongoing engagement with advisors and faculty.

Vocational Wellness acknowledges students’ need to learn and develop professional skills as well as to develop a clear career path. Some of the ways Watts College supports this dimension of wellness are through partnerships with Career and Professional Development Services, Undergraduate Research, and mentoring programs.

Emotional Wellness acknowledges the need be aware of and to manage our feelings. Watts College supports this through such activities as providing opportunities to volunteer, stress- relief activities in the residence halls during stressful times of the semester and access to university counseling services.

Spiritual Wellness engages with the need to find meaning and purpose in our lives and an appreciation of the diverse phenomena within the universe. Students may come to college with pre-set spiritual beliefs or may come with an open mind. Either way, acknowledge the importance of spiritual wellness in students’ lives and we support this dimension through helping students to connect their passion and interests with a career path, volunteer opportunities, meditation sessions in the residence halls, and connection with interfaith student organizations.

Physical Wellness is the need to care for our bodies, through physical activity and ensuring basic needs are met. Watts College supports this dimension of student wellness through our Basic Needs Resource Office, partnerships with the Sun Devil Fitness and the Pitchfork Pantry, and our Field Day event (coming Spring 2023).

Social Wellness focuses on engaging with others and with the community at large. Research shows that students having a sense of belonging within their college community is a strong indicator of student success. Watts College supports this through regular social events, “speed friending” events, student organizations and Chill N’ Chats within residential housing.

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