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Nina Scholars Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of an innovative team of ASU faculty, staff and leaders from the broader community.

The council provides support to the Nina program staff, as well as, the scholars. Each member of the council brings a specialized area of expertise and resources that support scholars and that creates a strong, collaborative relationship between ASU, the program and the broader community.

The Advisory Council meets quarterly during the fall and spring semesters to discuss how to move the program forward and participates in many other Nina Scholars events and initiatives each academic year.  

Scholar Representative
Arizona State University 
ASU Nina Scholars Program 

Therese Aguayo, MEd
Director, Academic Services
CISA-Academic Advising Services
Arizona State University

Jaclyn Boyes
Managing Director
Per Scholas 

Justine Cheung, MSW
Program Coordinator, Senior
Bridiging Success 

Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions
Arizona State University

Paloma Delgado
Coordinator Senior
First Star ASU Academy
Access ASU
Arizona State University

Genny Malachowski, MSW 
Social Supports Manager 
Arizona Center for Youth Resources

Laura McBride, MSW
Senior Program Officer
Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust


Michael Mendel, MSW 
Program Officer
Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

Leona Morales, MEd
Scholarship Coordinator, Student Success Programs
Maricopa County Community College District

Syedha Noreenia 
Diversity & Inclusion Manager
A New Leaf 

Ray Ostos, EdD 
District Director for Student Affairs
Maricopa County Community College District

Chad Price
Director of Education Development & Disability Resources
Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services
Arizona State University 

Sylvia Symonds, PhD
Associate Vice President
Educational Outreach & Student Services
Arizona State University 

Tiffany Thornhill
Behavioral Health Clinician
Native American Connections

Lindsay Wilson 
State Education Specialist
Arizona Department of Child Safety