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The College of Public Service & Community Solutions

We are committed to service, dedicated to research and learning that addresses social problems and are deeply engaged in the community—enabling us to be a part of the solution we want to see in the world.

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More than 80 students, staff and faculty participated in the College’s inaugural spring semester day of service at Margaret T. Hance Park Saturday.

Dean of the College of Public Service & Community Solutions, Jonathan Koppell, joined a panel of experts at the Council on Foreign Relations to share perspectives on how to promote a culture of national service.

Driving under the influence of marijuana and other drugs is on the rise in the United States, as well as the number of fatal crashes caused by drivers impaired by drugs. The Center for Emergency Management and Homeland Security at Arizona State University is addressing this growing public health and safety threat with a new app aimed at giving both drivers and law enforcement an easy way to detect impairment.

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