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An example of a student poster based on the research they did through the Watts College Undergraduate Research Program.

Watts College Undergraduate Research Program


Are you interested in determining and developing specific interests within your chosen field of study? Would you like to build skills and abilities while participating in hands-on projects with college faculty? Are you ready to gain knowledge outside the classroom that will help inside the classroom? Do you want to build your resume for an even stronger showing on graduate school applications or with future employers? Would you benefit from access to exclusive interesting and useful presentations, trainings, guest speakers, and social events? Does being part of a fun, supportive, community intrigue you? 

Then the Watts College Undergraduate Research Program is for YOU!

Quick facts:

  • Watts College students are highly encouraged to participate in research projects while in school. 
  • Provides opportunities for undergraduate students to work with faculty, graduate students, and other undergraduates to participate in exciting and meaningful research projects.
  • Students will learn through direct experience and play an important role in current faculty research.
  • Students work a minimum of 10 hours per week on research with faculty.
  • Students receive $500 for first semester, $750 for second semester and $1,000 every subsequent semester of participation in the program.
  • Spring, summer, and fall semesters all count as semesters for the program
  • Students who engage in undergraduate research do not receive academic credit for the research.
  • Any student in good academic standing can participate in the program. 
  • Symposium and poster competition held in spring with travel scholarship awards to be given to outstanding student projects.
  • The Watts Undergraduate Research Fellowship is funded through the Dean’s Office.

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Faculty Information



The Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions began its Undergraduate Research Program in fall 2006.  The program is designed to provide undergraduate students with research, presentation and publication experience.  Faculty members within the Watts College of Public Service play a crucial role in helping undergraduate students engage in research.  Any faculty member that wants or needs assistance with research is encouraged to work directly with an undergraduate student of their choosing.

The student receives a scholarship allocated at the beginning of each semester.  For the first semester, a student receives a $500 scholarship.  For the second semester, the amount is increased to $750 and for the third semester, and every semester thereafter, the student receives $1,000.  Students are asked to work on research for a minimum of 10 hours per week. The faculty member and student work together to determine location, hours and documentation of task completion.  Students can participate in research until they graduate.

Students are required to attend a kickoff meeting/information session to get necessary infomation and connect with the other participants. Students are also required to present their research each year at the Scholars Reception typically held at the end of April. Each year, students are asked to prepare a poster capturing their research experience. They then present their findings to a faculty panel in a private screening prior to the Scholars Reception. **Due to COVID these presentations will most likely be virtual. Full details will be sent when they are available.** The top three presentations will be announced at the Scholars Reception. The top three student presenters will be asked to present an abridged version to the audience at the Scholars Reception. First, second, and third place will be awarded, as determined by the faculty panel. First place will receive a travel scholarship to further present their research at a conference relevant to their discipline. 

An RSVP link for the next Annual Scholars Reception will be sent to all faculty and qualifying students in the last week of March. Poster preparation sessions will be held during the Spring semester. 

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Upcoming Events

*Register at the links below! Earn a prize drawing entry for each event you attend!

(Due to COVID restrictions, most events will be virtual until further notice) 


**Tues 1/26, 330pm Kickoff session, info, teambuilding games, Q&A** (MANDATORY)



Tues 2/2, 4:30pm Trivia and Game Night


Come join together for some team trivia and fun games!


Wed 2/17- 330pm Public Speaking 101


Does speaking in front of a crowd make you nervous? Are you comfortable with public speaking but want to improve your presentation skills? Do you want to learn tips and tricks for effective public speaking and learn how to rock presentations? Then this is the training for you! Useful for undergraduate research, school/classes, jobs, and life!


Wed 3/3, 4pm Poster Prep Session (only need to attend 1)


Join poster prep pro (and assistant director of student services) Amanda Andrew to learn the all of the important details around research posters and how to make yours stand out. *You will have to make a poster for your project and it will be a million times easier if you attend this training! Trust me, join us!


Thurs 3/18, 3:30pm Poster Prep Session (only need to attend 1)


Join poster prep pro (and assistant director of student services) Amanda Andrew to learn the all of the important details around research posters and how to make yours stand out. *You will have to make a poster for your project and it will be a million times easier if you attend this training! Trust me, join us!


Fri 4/9, 12pm- Powerpoint/Posters and Recorded Presentations Due!


Thurs 4/15, 330-530pm- UGR Symposium (Student Presentations)




TBD- Faculty Appreciation Dinner/Event


**Check back as more trainings, events, and opportunities will be added!



Undergraduate Research Council

The Watts College Undergraduate Research Council (URC) is a council of students who have conducted undergraduate research and are dedicated to promoting the availability and awareness of research opportunities and providing mentorship and support for Watts College undergraduates.

This is a leadership position with officer roles and other opportunities available. It is a great resume builder while giving students the opportunity to give back to their community as a support system and leader for fellow students and grow the Undergraduate Research Program in Watts College.

To apply to join the Undergraduate Research Council, click HERE.


  • Must be enrolled as a student in Watts College
  • Must have at least 1 semester of research experience
  • Must be willing to participate in monthly meetings
  • Must have a desire to support fellow students and advocate for the program

To see your current council members and get more information, check out the site below!

Undergraduate Research Council


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