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Medical/Compassionate Withdrawals

Medical/Compassionate Withdrawals in Watts College

Medical/compassionate withdrawals may be considered when incompletes or other arrangements with instructors are not available or when restricted withdrawals and other enrollment options are not possible.


  1.      Fill out this form to request an MCW from Watts
  2.      Gather all documentation (see below for details)
  3.      Review financial implications and confer with Financial aid
  4.      Fill out DocuSign when it is sent to you (check your junk mail if you don’t see it within 1-2 business days)
  5.      Email all supporting documentation to or attach directly to your DocuSign form
  6.      Wait 7-10 business days for processing and monitor your MyASU page for changes

To request the Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal Request form, submit this brief form.

Watts College only allows up to 3 Medical/Compassionate withdrawals over the course of a degree program. Multiple requests for the same circumstances using the same documentation will not be approved. In order for a new request to be considered for the same circumstances, substantial new information or documentation will be required.

A medical withdrawal may be requested when extraordinary circumstances, such as a serious illness or injury, prevent the student from continuing classes. This policy covers both physical-health and mental-health difficulties.

Required documentation:

  • Completed Form
  • Personal Statement
  • Supporting documentation - letter on official letterhead from your healthcare provider. Your letter does not need to be in a sealed envelope from your healthcare provider, but contact information should be provided for verification purposes. In some instances, it may be emailed, faxed, or hand-delivered. The letter should include the following information but not required:
    • Date of onset of the illness
    • Dates of medical care
    • General nature of your medical condition
    • How/why it prevented completion of your coursework
    • Date of your anticipated return to school
    • Last date you were able to attend class

A compassionate withdrawal may be in extraordinary cases in which a significant personal situation, (for example, the serious illness of a child or spouse or the death of a close family member) prevents a student from continuing in classes.

Required documentation:

  • Completed Form
  • Personal Statement
  • Supporting documentation - documentation from a third party documenting the circumstances that affected your academic performance. Your letter does not need to be in a sealed envelope but contact information should be provided for verification purposes. In some instances, it may be emailed, faxed, or hand-delivered. (Examples: Copy of an obituary or death certificate, police report, hospital billing statement, court documentation, a letter from an attorney or a professional counselor, written statement from the Disability Resource Center.)

IMPORTANT: Your request WILL NOT be reviewed until the Dean's Designee has received your completed form and ALL required documentation.

All required documents should be attached directly to your DocuSign envelope or sent to:


Physical Mail:               

Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions

Attn: Medical and Compassionate Withdrawal

411 N. Central Avenue

Suite 150

Phoenix, AZ 85004-2163


Financial Aid:

**If you are a financial aid recipient, make sure to review this page to review how your student finances may be affected by this request**

Tuition refund deadlines for withdrawals and dropped courses can be found in the Registrar’s home page and MyASU, and are also disseminated to students during the registration process. Students are expected to be cognizant of and adhere to these deadlines. The final determination of whether the student will receive a refund is based on a 2-year limit, enrollment, finances, all associated dates, and Title IV funding.

Your financial aid may be adjusted by any changes to your enrollment. The university provides helpful information that is available 24/7. If you wish to find more information to better understand the terms of your financial aid, help is as easy as clicking the link provided. 

Please be aware that students who have received and who plan to continue to receive Title IV Federal Financial Aid (student loans, work-study, & grants) must abide by Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies and Federal Funding Limits. Please work with your advisor to map your progression to graduation with your funding limits in mind.

Be advised that many scholarships require minimum credit hours and GPA standards for renewal.  Please review your financial aid package and any renewal criteria within your MyASU. ASU Scholarship Renewal Guide



A grade of a “W” will appear on your official transcripts.  A note will be placed adjacent to the approved semester in your unofficial transcripts as noted in the example below. 

Unofficial Transcript Notation Example:

Fall 2030 Medical Complete Withdrawal Effective 12/01/2030

A “W” grade cannot be removed from your record by this process.  For more information about grading policies please contact the ASU Registrar’s Office.   


Student Business Services:

Arizona State University’s tuition/fee refund policy is separate from the federal regulations to repay unearned aid. Whether or not a student receives a tuition/fee refund has no bearing on the amount he/she must repay to the federal aid programs. Contact the Student Business Services Office for further inquiries regarding your account. For information regarding how and why your request has affected your account, please set up a Watts Student Support Appointment at your earliest convenience. 

It is the responsibility of the student to monitor information pertaining to finances, financial aid, and records within MyASU as well as ASU email. Please continue to keep track of any information passed along these systems.