Spirit of Service Scholars

Spirit of Service Scholars

Developing leaders with the talent, compassion and skills to become the next generation of public interest advocacy and community engagement professionals.

The Spirit of Service Scholars program honors outstanding students from all disciplines who are passionate about public service leadership and advocacy, and are actively involved in promoting awareness and engagement related to a range of community change and public policy issues.

Scholars from across ASU receive a $5000 scholarship and engage in public service leadership through a year-round program.

Spirit of Service Scholars:

  • Explore complex social challenges through seminars embedded in the community that showcase leaders and solutions happening locally and nationally.
  • Receive mentorship from a high-profile local practitioner and leader of public service in the fields of their choice.


The ASU Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions will become the place where students with talent, savvy, compassion and drive become the next generation of outstanding public service professionals ready to understand and help solve society’s most urgent challenges.


Address the present and future workforce needs in the public and nonprofit sectors by awarding prestigious scholarships to outstanding students and providing them with an extraordinary academic and real-world education, a life-long interdisciplinary network, and committed, effective mentors.