Action, Advocacy and Arts

Action, Advocacy and Arts uses the arts as a central vehicle to build relationships between the community and ASU students, faculty and staff. By sharing their stories and art, the ASU University Center building is transformed into a hub of conversation, culture and social engagement focused on current issues affecting the university and its surrounding communities.

The Community Arts program (found on the 1st-3rd floors) builds relationships among the community and ASU students, faculty and staff. The art creates a hub of conversation and a place of cultural and social engagement.  By hosting two exhibitions per year, the goal is to make art accessible to students and the public in a way that creates connections, fosters relationships, and strengthens collaborations.

The Emeritus Art Gallery, housed on the 4th-9th floors of the ASU University Center building and in Nursing North and South buildings, is a vibrant installation of over 280 works of art by retired ASU faculty members, both professional and avocational artists. The works of art include acrylics, pastels, etchings, ink washes, oils, woodcuts, watercolors, sculpture, and intricate handset type. Their art transforms these buildings into a center of culture, creativity and innovation.

The galleries are free and open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, except for holidays.