Civic Leadership Medallion

Civic Leadership Medallion

All part-time and full-time students are eligible to earn the Congressman Ed Pastor Civic Leadership Medallion. To earn the medallion, a student must earn 100 points for qualifying civic leadership activities. Below are some examples (not a comprehensive list) of applicable activities with potential point awards indicated for each. Other activities not listed here may also be eligible for points upon the determination of the Pastor Center for Politics & Public Service. Students must provide documentation or some proof or evidence of completion of activities to earn points towards the medallion.

Program objective

To highlight and promote student accomplishments related to effective civic leadership and public service as a central goal and function of higher education.

Eligibility criteria

To be considered for the award, students must document and accumulate points for civic engagement projects and activities. See the following examples of eligible civic engagement activities. Keep in mind these are only *some* examples of eligible activities, feel free to list other kinds of activities that may not be on this list, but have something to do with civic leadership, public service, advocacy, etc.

 Additional activities may be considered for point awards on a case-by-case basis, see other applicable activities

Students will be deemed ineligible for the award if they are found to have engaged in unethical or illegal activities in the course of their academic or community activities, or if they are convicted of a felony offense during the duration of their point accrual period. Students may be considered ineligible for the award if they are found to have engaged in egregious discriminatory behavior or harassment of others based on an individual or group’s age, race/ethnicity, national origin, religious or political beliefs, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, physical disability or other protected class defined by ASU’s nondiscrimination policy.

Application process and deadline

  1. Fill out the application as completely as possible, print it out and sign it.
  2. List a contact person that can verify your role/participation in each activity or project that you list (DISREGARD the requirement to provide documentation under the column labeled "Describe form of documentation". That requirement has been waived for this year's medallion awards).
  3. EMAIL your completed application and email to alberto.olivas@asu.edu
  4. Have a member of the community who can speak to one of your listed activities submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf to Alberto Olivas, Executive Director of the Pastor Center for Politics & Public Service, alberto.olivas@asu.edu.


-Completed, signed application form, including a headshot
-Contact info listed for appropriate verification official for each item listed on the application
-Letter of recommendation submitted by a community member


Applications for the Congressman Ed Pastor Civic Leadership Medallion may be accepted at any time, but must be received prior to the deadline to receive the award:


ALL materials must be received by Friday, April 07, 2023. *Please send documents electronically*