2016 Public Management Cohort

Hermion Dokoui
Education: Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management (2015)
University: National School of Administration
Organization: University of Abomey-Calavi
Professional Title: American Programing Space Coordinator
Organization Type: Educational institution

Hermion Dokoui has five years of experience in the public and non-profit sectors, especially in the fields of information resources management, program management and human resources management. He is currently serving as program coordinator at the University of Abomey-Calavi, where his essential missions are about providing general management services for the office, designing and implementing activities regarding English learning, and conducting special programs for youth empowerment. Hermion also volunteers as mentor and recruiting agent with young local NGOs focused on youth employment issues and sustainable development.   Upon completion of the fellowship he is expecting to serve in international institutions as program manager or human resources specialist, and to continue his volunteer work. Hermion holds bachelor's degrees in Information Resources Management and Administrative Law, and he has just completed a master's degree in Human Resources Management from the National Administration School in Benin.

Mona-Lisa Danieli Mungure
Education: Master of Law Degree, specialization in International Human Rights Law (2010)
University: University of Nottingham
Organization: Badasu and Associates
Professional Title: Attorney at Law
Organization Type: Local or national business   

Mona-Lisa Mungure is an attorney at the High Court of Botswana with just under five years of experience in private practice. She is passionate about various aspects of socio-economic rights and matters that pertain to sustainable leadership. Outside of her professional work she wears various hats. To name a few; she is the founder of a community outreach department, a Trust Women Scholar, a One Young World ambassador, and a global shaper of the Gaborone hub under the World Economic Forum where she served as its legal officer and then vice curator. Mona-Lisa holds a master’s degree in International Human Rights Law. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship she intends to implement projects that aim at fostering strong partnerships between the public and private sector, as these will ultimately ensure better implementation of legal policies. She also hopes to venture into policymaking in the near future.

Rui Alexandre Figueiredo Soares
Cabo Verde
Education: Bachelors in Business Management, (expected June 2017)
University: Instituto Superior de Ciências Económicas e Empresariais
Organization: Agência de Aviação Civil (AAC)
Professional Title: Executive Director of the Board
Organization Type: National government

Rui Figueiredo Soares is an airline pilot. He started his career in Cabo Verde, working to support the certification process of an airline. He relocated to Angola and then to Equatorial Guinea, where he worked as a commercial pilot for five years. In 2013 he was invited to assume the position of executive director of the board of the Civil Aviation Authority of Cabo Verde, a position he currently occupies. In 2014 he was elected chairman of the Banjul Accord Group Safety Oversight Organization. In 2015 he was re-elected chairman of the sub-regional African Organization, and in the same year he was elected curator of the Global Shapers Praia Hub. He has since been working to improve his community.

Jean Stephane Koffi
Cote d’Ivoire
Education: Engineering Degree-ENSEA (2012)
University: National School of Statistics and Applied Economics in Abidjan
Organization: CNP-PPP-Présidence de Côte d'Ivoire (PPP Unit)
Professional Title: PPP Analyst
Organization Type: National government           

Jean-Stephane is has three years’ experience in concessions’ regulation and project finance. Currently, Jean-Stephane works as statistician-economist for the Public-Private Partnerships Unit of Ivorian Presidency and for Abidjan Port Authority. Jean Stephane volunteers in many associations and has initiated the concept ‘Famienh Guest Speaker’, through which excellence models and success stories are promoted to youth and children. He holds an Engineer Statistician-Economist’s degree from ENSEA, Abidjan, a Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration (CeMBA) from SCI-USA, and is also a laureate of the World Championship of Strategy and International Business Administration at Sochi in 2014. Jean-Stephane believes that a strong and reliable public-private partnership (PPP) can be a more sustainable approach to reducing costs, providing better service, and benefiting the larger population. On completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship he plans to play a key role in helping local entrepreneurs and SMEs in community PPP projects in his country.

Ya Amie Touray
Education: Master's Degree in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law (2014)
University: The Gambia Law School
Organization: The Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
Professional Title: Legal Licensing and Enforcement Officer
Organization Type: National government           

Ya Amie Touray is a lawyer with over five years’ experience in various areas in the telecommunications industry, working for the national mobile operator. She is currently the Legal, licensing and enforcement officer at the Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, and also serves as an adjunct lecturer at the University of The Gambia's Faculty of Law. In this role she uses her legal and interpersonal skills to regulate the performance of public utilities and service providers as per their mandate. She also serves as a member of various community-based organizations, where she mentors young girls and provides guidance on developing personal development skills.   Ya Amie recently graduated with a master's in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law. She believes strongly that information and communication technology is fundamental in bridging the ever-widening poverty gap in Africa. After the Fellowship, she wishes to continue working with women and young girls.

Edson Pereira
Education: Information and Organization Systems Degree, expected graduation 2017
University: Higher Technical Institute - Lisbon University
Organization: Nucleus of Innovation, Technology and e-Governance
Professional Title: Coordinator
Organization Type: National government           

Originally from Guinea-Bissau and Cabo Verde, like Amílcar Cabral, the father of these two small African countries, Edson Pereira shares the dream of changing Africa. He realized his dream to be a computer specialist when he graduated in Technology and Information Systems from the Portucalense University in Oporto. In Lisbon, he worked for seven years in two multinational companies, where he gained experience as a consultant and manager. He returned to Guinea-Bissau with an entrepreneurial spirit and founded his own IT consulting firm.   Edson is currently leading a state institution in the field of information and communications technology and e-governance, and aims to change public administration and improve people's lives through technology and innovation. He also belongs to the staff of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs Guinea, which aims to contribute to the youth and social entrepreneurship.

Fatma Abdalla
Education: Master’s Degree, Business Administration (MBA, Finance 2012) & Bachelors Degree of Commerce (BCom in Accounting 2004) 
University: University Of Nairobi
Organization: Lamu County Government
Professional Title: Vice Chairperson/Board Member Lamu County Public Service Board
Organization Type: Local or regional government           

Fatma Abdalla has over 10 years' experience in Finance, Administration, and Management. Currently, Fatma is vice chairperson of the Lamu County Public Service board, where she advises County Government at policy level on Human Resource Management and development, appointing persons to act in office, and promoting and evaluating compliance with the values and principles of public service and good governance. She is also the founder of Lamu Professionals Forum, which is aimed at sensitizing and creating awareness on importance of education and opportunities to spur socioeconomic growth to her community. Fatma holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA,Finance) and a Bachelor Degree in Commerce (BCom in Accounting). She is also an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA ) finalist and is currently pursuing qualification as a Certified Public Secretary (CS). After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Fatma plans to use her acquired skills to continue advocating for education and creating awareness about opportunities and socioeconomic activities with the vision of encouraging an enlightened community.

Shamsa Sheikh-Hassan
Education: Bachelor of Laws Degree (2013)
University: University of Nairobi
Organization: National Land Commission
Professional Title: Land Management Board Member
Organization Type: Local or regional government

Shamsa Hassan has two years’ experience working and volunteering in Wajir county, Kenya. She is a member of the Wajir county land management board, where she is tasked with the management and administration of public land, including alternative dispute resolution of land-related conflicts between individuals, as well as inter-clan land/resource-based conflicts.   Shamsa has a degree in Law as well as various certificates relating to governance in arid/semi-arid areas, climate change, and disaster risk management and resilience. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she intends to use the skills gained to provide better services to the county government and to train her colleagues on the best practices. 

Samuel Williams
Education: Master’s Degree, Public Administration in Public Sector A, anticipated degree (2017)
Organization: Ministry of Education, Republic of Liberia
Professional Title: Acting Administrator, Government of Liberia Bilateral Scholarships Program
Organization Type: National government           

Samuel G Williams has over three years of practical experience in education, human-resource management, and team leadership. Samuel is the acting administrator of the Government of Liberia Bilateral Scholarships Program, where he focuses on the implementation of the Government of Liberia Bilateral Scholarships Policy.   He is a candidate for a Master of Public Administration in Public Sector Administration. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English Studies with an option in Cultural and Media studies from the Mohammed V University in Morocco. Samuel is bilingual with full proficiency in English and French. He has a proven record in management, youth development activities and administration. He also volunteers with Youth Network for Reform (YONER), providing free professional and technical assistance to improve its local scholarships scheme. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Samuel plans to continue working with young Liberians in the areas of education, youth development, and community service.

Lea Razanamaria
Education: Master’s Degree in Geography specializing in land management (2011)
University: University of Antananarivo
Organization: Regional Department of the Ministry of Tourism
Professional Title: Chief of Service of Standardization and Environment
Organization Type: National government           

Lea Razanamaria has seven years of experience in rural development, tourism, and land management. Lea currently works as an environment and standardization officer and interim director of the Ministry of Tourism in Alaotra Mangoro region. In this role, she focuses on the formulation of regional planning for tourism development by gathering all stakeholders in order to define the vision of sustainable development. She also helps private investors meet the standards required for tourism. As a founder and team leader of ADM Association (Actions for the Development of Madagascar), she volunteered by organizing youth-education orientation activities and women-leadership camps in the Alaotra area. She holds a master’s degree in Geography, Environment and Land Management from the University of Antananarivo. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Lea will run an educational campaign for girls based about ‘sugar daddies’ and also a women’s empowerment training program.

Fanta Coumba Karembe
Education: Master’s Degree in Network & Telecommunications Engineering (2010)
University: TimeUniversity
Organization: Ministry of Justice (Direction Nationale de I’Admi)
Professional Title: Network Engineer/ Information Technology Systems Administrator
Organization Type: National government           

Fanta Coumba Karembé has over nine years of experience in various fields in the community development sector, women and girls’ issues in particular. Currently, Fanta is the secretary general of a network of young women leaders from political parties and civil society organizations. In this role, she focuses on organizing training courses on subjects such as leadership, communication, information and communication technology, gender and women's rights, peace-building, democracy and governance, project management, advocacy, income-generating activities, and networking for young women in Mali. Fanta’s training courses allow young women to assert themselves professionally, voluntarily, and personally. Fanta holds a master’s degree in Computer Networks from Time University, Tunisia and she works for the Ministry of Justice. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Fanta plans to continue her work aiming to involve young Malian women in public life though training.

Jaqueline Pateguana
Education: Master’s Degree, Science and Technology Policy (2012)
University: University of Sussex
Organization: Ministry of Transport and Communications
Professional Title: Advisor to the Minister/Deputy Project Coordinator
Organization Type: Local or regional government           

Jaqueline Pateguana is a Chevening Scholar alumnus, and an experienced project and business manager. She holds a master’s in Science and Technology Policy from SPRU, at the University of Sussex and has over five years of experience working in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector in Mozambique. Currently, Jaqueline is the advisor to the minister of transport and communications. She has served in various other positions for organizations including the National Commission for Digital Migration (COMID), Statoil Oil and Gas Mozambique AS, and Mozambique Cellular (mcel). Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Jaqueline intends to continue her work in public policy, with a focus on designing regulatory frameworks for increased competition.

Reginald Roman
Education: Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce in Accounting and Economics (2003)
University: Swakopmund Secondary School
Organization: Kunene Regional Council
Professional Title: Accountant/Acting Control Administrative Officer and Settlement Development Committee Chairperson
Organization Type: Local or regional government           

Reginald Roman has seven years' experience in public management, coordinating community development projects in settlement areas at constituency and regional levels. After joining Kunene Regional Council in 2009 as an accountant, he served as head of office and settlement development committee chairperson with the mandate to coordinate development of the Fransfontein settlement. Currently, Reginald is involved in youth and community development initiatives, serving as the Khorixas Constituency Youth Forum chairperson and Fransfontein Christmas Bonanza CEO. He also works with traditional leadership on a voluntary basis. Reginald has a Bachelor’s of Accounting and Economics up to third-year level from the University of Namibia. He dropped out due to socio-economic reasons to look for employment to provide for himself and his family. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans to apply learned interventions to ensure that the Fransfontein settlement area will become a town with the necessary services and infrastructure.

Housseini Ahssimi Mamadou
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade (2011)
University: French Business School
Organization: CIPMEN
Professional Title: Community Manager
Organization Type: Local non-governmental organization           

With a diploma in International Trade with a specialization in Marketing, Housseini Ahssimi Mamadou is the community manager of CIPMEN, the first business incubator in Niger, which aims to launch successful startups and build a vibrant ecosystem that support entrepreneurs. Housseini is also a blogger and social media specialist and has five years of experience in entrepreneurship.   Dynamic and with a good sense of leadership, Housseini is currently involved in several associations such as Give1Project and Fada Tech. As part of this engagement, he contributes to supporting other youths in entrepreneurship and has developed increasing leadership abilities. A young person who does not hesitate to use his skills and knowledge to serve his community, his ambition is to inspire and create a community of young social entrepreneurs in Niger. Find more at www.ahousseini.com

Nkechi Okwuone
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering (2010)
University: University of Port Harcourt
Organization: Information Communications Technology Agency, Edo S.
Professional Title: Open Data Manager
Organization Type: Local or regional government           

Nkechi Okwuone has been in the public sector for over four years. She leads a team in the Information Communication Technology Agency of the Edo State government of Nigeria, which implements and promotes the state’s open data portal, the first sub-national open data portal in Africa. Her resilience and strong passion for change has seen her partner with local and international organizations to empower civil society organizations, journalists, and citizens with the skills they need to use government data effectively. She holds a bachelor’s in Electrical Electronics Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Salford, Manchester. After the Fellowship, she plans to bring back a unique set of experience, networks, and knowledge to keep driving her activities in the public sector so that she can achieve her goal of solving social problems using technology.

Omar Mar
Education: Design Engineering Diploma (2007)
University: Polytechnical School of Dakar (ESP)
Organization: Agence de l'informatique de l'Etat (ADIE)
Professional Title: Head of the division of IT Projects & State Departments Support
 Organization Type: National government      

Omar Mar is a computer science engineer, with 10 years’ experience specializing in information systems and IT project management. He has been working since 2007 at the Senegalese IT State-Agency (ADIE), where he currently holds the position of director of services and engineering. Omar started his career as a development engineer, then research engineering, and IT project manager. As such, he has been contributing to the achievement of many innovative projects in the dematerialization and digital transformation at the Senegalese administration. His rigor in work and his natural leadership skills allowed him to contribute to the realization of the TeleDAC project, which is now one of the major achievements of the State, regarding the relationship improvement between administration and citizens, and the business environment. Born and raised in the projects of Dakar, he has been committed to serving the children with the EDEN NGO for the last 15 years.

Siphesihle Dube
South Africa
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Politics, & Public Policy & Administration (2010)
University: University of Cape Town
Organization: Western Cape Government
Professional Title: Spokesperson to the Minister of Transport and Public Works
Organization Type: Local or regional government           

Siphesihle is currently the spokesperson for the Minister of Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, and is an executive member of his local branch of the Democratic Alliance, South Africa's official opposition party. Siphesihle has four years of experience in government, together with teaching experience at the University of Cape Town. He holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree majoring in Law, Politics, and Public Policy and Administration from the University of Cape Town, and has worked as a reporter for the Parliamentary Monitoring Group. He is working towards playing a more active role in narrowing inequality gaps in South Africa, whether it be in parliament, government, or similarly aligned organizations. Siphesihle has also done volunteer work with local NGOs focused on victim empowerment, as well as volunteering in uplifting underprivileged schools.

Telana Halley-Starkey
South Africa
 Education: Master’s Degree in Law specializing in Public Law (2014)
University: University of Cape Town
Organization: Western Cape Provincial Government
Professional Title: State Law Advisor
Organization Type: Local or regional government           

Telana Halley-Starkey is a qualified lawyer and currently a  state law advisor. She has over eight years of experience in public law. Her current position provides integrated and innovative legal solutions to the Provincial Department of Human Settlements, whose core purpose is to develop housing that creates sufficient access to economic and social opportunities.   Telana holds a master’s degree in Public Law. Her dissertation focused on the role of public participation in the achievement of efficiency in South African public administration. Her role as a state law advisor is to ensure that public power is exercised fairly and efficiently. Telana hails from one of the poorest provinces in South Africa, where adequate housing is a pressing issue, which has fueled her passion for housing. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she plans to continue her work in government in order to address the inalienable right to housing.

Noxolo Kabane
South Africa
Education: Master’s Degree, Managed Land Settlement
University: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Organization: Western Cape Department of Human Settlements
Professional Title: Assistant Director
Organization Type: Local or regional government           

Noxolo Kabane has over six years’ experience in various fields, including sustainable human settlements, community development, and stakeholder engagement. Noxolo holds a master’s degree from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, where she focused on a Managed Land Settlement initiative for low- to moderate-income households in the Eastern Cape. Noxolo is currently an assistant director in the Policy and Research Directorate in the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements, where she is responsible for the initiation and promotion of integrated human-settlements research and policy development.   Some of the skills and experience she has gained through her work include policy analysis, development, and implementation; monitoring and evaluation; and communication. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she plans to continue championing initiatives that will focus on improving the quality of life in households in informal settlements. Through policy formulation and implementation she aims to fast track the upgrading of informal settlements.

Janepher Shedrack-Kimaro
Education: Master’s Degree in Regional Development Planning
University: University of the Philippines
Organization: Mtwara Regional Secretariat
Professional Title: Town Planner
Organization Type: Local or regional government           

Janepher Kimaro is a town planner with four years’ experience in urban design and planning, neighborhood designs, participatory land use planning, and community mapping using geographic information systems. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Housing and Infrastructure Planning, and a master’s degree in Regional Development Planning. Currently, Janepher works with Mtwara Regional Administrative Secretariat coordinating, supervising, and building capacity in local government authorities in town planning. She provides advice on redevelopment schemes and examines proposals for change of use and land dispute appeals, and makes recommendations on town planning drawings for approval. Outside of work, Janepher is involved in a community loan group which seeks to improve the financial situation of low-income families. Upon completion of the Fellowship, Janepher plans to continue with her work in managing the organization and assisting in providing inclusive plans to communities, along with providing education on land policies, laws, regulations, and standards.

Georgina Mumba
Education: Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management (2014)
University: Melbourne University
Organization: Ministry of Tourism and Arts
Professional Title: Statistician
Organization Type: National government           

Georgina Mumba has over eight years’ experience in the public service. Currently, Georgina is a statistician for the Ministry of Tourism and Arts in Zambia. She also volunteers as a disability inclusion advocate. Georgina holds a master's degree in Public Policy and Management from Melbourne University, Australia. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Georgina plans to continue with her work in the public service and disability inclusion advocacy. She hopes to use the lessons learnt in public management in her immediate sphere of influence. She also envisages using the Mandela Washington Fellowship platform to further advocate for disability inclusion with a bias to children and women with disabilities through various public engagements.

Thomas Simbule
Education: Joint Master’s Degree in Development Planning and Management
University: Technical University Dortmund
Organization: Mufulira Municipal Council
Professional Title: Deputy Director Planning Department
Organization Type: Local or regional government           

Thomas Simbule has over five years of experience in urban planning with a strong focus on geographic information systems and informal settlement regularization. He currently works as an urban planner at Mufulira Municipality, where he is responsible for development planning and development control. Other than helping community members on common-pool resources management, Thomas motivates students in his community to erase negative traditional beliefs about education. Thomas holds a joint master’s degree in Development Planning and Management from Technical University Dortmund, Germany and Philippines University, where he focused on mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in land- use planning in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila. On return from the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Thomas plans to lobby the mayor and councilors to consider learning good practices. In trying to institutionalize new ideas, he will recommend good practices to the management team and his subordinates with a view to improving public service provision.

Jonathan Nsamba
Congo (DRC)
Education: Certificate in Safety and Health (2015)
University: Occupational Safety and Health Administration Academy
Organization: M.C. Telecom
Professional Title: Safety and Health Professional
Organization Type: International business         

Jonathan Nsamba is an occupational health and safety coordinator in Nyumba Ya Akiba cement plant, a venture of Lucky Cement and Groupe Rawji. He is interested in working with children as a member of the Nzolani Organization, a local nonprofit that aims to empower underprivileged children, youth, and women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.   Jonathan graduated in Electrical Engineering (light current, electronic communications) from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He plans to continue working with the Congolese community by creating an NGO and a company that will increase safety and health awareness in businesses as well as homes.

Bathemel Appiah
Education: Master’s Degree in Road Management and Engineering (2013)
University: Hasselt University
Organization: Department of Feeder Roads
Professional Title: Operations Manager 2
Organization Type: National government           

Bathemel Ansah Appiah is a civil engineer who has over seven years’ experience in the road transport industry. Currently, he’s an operations manager at the Volta regional office of the Department of Feeder Roads, where he focuses on designing, developing, and, maintaining an all-weather accessible road network to address the socio-economic needs of the various communities in the 25 districts of the region. Bathemel also volunteers by assisting underprivileged kids in some communities in the Adaklu District by supplying them with stationery to motivate them to stay in school. He also donates blood to the Volta Regional Hospital. He has currently had 15 blood donations. Upon completion of the Fellowship, Bathemel plans to expand his outreach program to many more communities. He holds a master's degree in Road Management and Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK, and a certificate in Road Safety from Hasselt University, Belgium.

Mubarak Tiamiyu
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Technology, Computer Science & Engineering (2012)
University: Ladoke Akintola University of Technology
Organization: National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Directorate H
Professional Title: Software Engineer/Program Analyst
Organization Type: National government           

Mubarak Tiamiyu is a public speaker and software engineer who works with the National Youth Service Corps in Abuja. He is project officer for Crestcare Empowerment Foundation, where he volunteers to train Nigerian youths in information and communication technology (ICT) and employability skills. Mubarak is the curator of TEDxIsaleGeneral, a local event that brings people together to share worthy ideas for community development at a TED-like experience. He recently launched Project METRICS (Modern Electronic & Technology Revolution in Civil Service), which is a series of training modules designed to equip Nigerian civil servants with basic ICT skills and tTools in order to bridge the digital gap and improve productivity.   Mubarak believes that if people know better, they can do better. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Mubarak plans to roll out Project METRICS to all public offices in Nigeria to empower the workforce using ICT.