Potential Projects

Watts College offers undergraduate students an opportunity to work closely with faculty on a research project. Below is a list of projects that faculty members are currently looking for undergraduate research students to assist with. If you are interested in working on one of these projects, please contact the professor listed. You can also discuss project ideas you have with any faculty member, and that faculty member may be able to suggest someone who could work with you.

Students, you can find a list of faculty members HERE.

Faculty, you can submit projects to be added to the list HERE.

Potential Projects

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Police Use of Force

William Terrill, William.Terrill@asu.edu

-Project involves working with the Phoenix Police Department on collecting data on police use of force.

Protests in the US

Ed Maguire, edmaguire@asu.edu

We are studying various aspects of the protests in the United States, including violence at the protests and the police response.


“An Evaluation and Assessment of the Response to the Incidence of Right-Wing Domestic Terrorist Groups by Law Enforcement.”

Garth den Heyer, garth.den.heyer@asu.edu


“An Evaluation and Assessment of the Response to the Incidence of Domestic Terrorism by Local Law Enforcement.” 

Garth den Heyer, garth.den.heyer@asu.edu


“An Evaluation and Assessment of Proactive Policing and its Influence on Violence in the United States of America.” 

Garth den Heyer, garth.den.heyer@asu.edu


"What are the effects of an officer training program focused on increasing fairness in high crime areas on officer behavior and citizen perceptions of legitimacy in Indianapolis?

Cody Telep, cody.telep@asu.edu

-Need assistance with data entry for recorded police officer activities in crime hot spots in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Also need assistance conducting telephone surveys of individuals who had recent police contact with our project officers in Indianapolis


"What is the impact of the Phoenix Police Department’s program to integrate intelligence gathering and analysis into patrol operations?

Cody Telep, cody.telep@asu.edu

-Need Assistance in data entry and analysis of Phoenix Police Department officer surveys assessing attitudes about the program


"Trust in Incarcerated Women"

Jacob Young, jacob.young.1@asu.edu

-This project examines how trust develops among incarcerated women and how this shapes their experience with confinement.



Public Affairs

Examination of cross-sector collaboration in times of crisis

Veronica Gutierrez, veronica.gutierrez@asu.edu

- Looking at how organizations are or are not working together to handle the current COVID-19 pandemic and issues of systemic racism. Part of that would be looking at the decisions leaders are making. Another component of the research would be looking at how various fields are being affected by these things (education, healthcare, housing, etc.


Next Generation Service Corps Research.

Veronica Gutierrez, veronica.gutierrez@asu.edu

 -This project involves collecting data from recent graduates to see how participating in the program has influenced their civic engagement and efforts to improve communities through public/national service, volunteering, or service focused professions.


Social Work


Diabetes Social Connection Research Study. 

Hyunsung Oh, hyunsung@asu.edu


COVID-19 Health disparities Research

Hyunsung Oh, hyunsung@asu.edu


Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research (STIR) Research

Bandak Lul, blul1@asu.edu

The goal of the STIR office is to be a central source of research on domestic sex trafficking which will inform the decisions made by those who contact victims and perpetrators of sex trafficking including law enforcement and prosecutors, educators, medical services and social services.


Intimate partner violence/gender-based violence among socially and economically marginalized women.

Tina Jiwatram-Negron, jiwatram@asu.edu

-Project opportunities include: 1) supporting the launch of a newly funded project focused on exploring intimate partner violence among women living with HIV in Phoenix; 2) supporting a grant writing project to fund a gender-based violence intervention for women in Nepal; 3) supporting the dissemination of recent research completed in NYC, AZ, and other countries - through literature searches, data exploration, etc.; 4) supporting the cultivation of new projects and partnerships through attendance at joint research meetings, literature searches, etc.


Behavioral Health Topics

Natasha Mendoza, Tadoza@asu.edu

-We have several projects under the umbrella of behavioral health related to substance abuse, homelessness, mental illness, and more.  


Community Resources and Development

Therapeutic and Inclusive Recreation Programming (TIRP)

Kelly Ramella, Kelly.Ramella@asu.edu

-The project aims to expand and advance therapeutic and inclusive recreation programming (TIRP) in Arizona schools to foster a sense of belonging and valued involvement among all students. This will be accomplished by concurrently 1) integrating individualized TIRP programming, enhancing innovative initiatives, and magnifying inclusive practices in two elementary schools, and 2) analyzing current policies and administrative practices across the nation and state of Arizona.


Access to Public Spaces

Kelly Ramella, 

Christine Buzinde, cbuzinde@asu.edu

-Examinations of equity are incomplete without exploring the collective relationships communities have with shared environmental resources. This study examines equity in distribution and access to public spaces produced based on interactions between social, technical and environmental agents.





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