Mark Reader 

Professor Emeritus of Political Science. Brooklyn-born Reader returns to the world of art after a 50-year hiatus as a professional journalist and college and university professor. Reader was educated at the High School of Music & Art (LaGuardia High School) in New York City and The University of Michigan. During his tenure at Arizona State University (1967-1998), he distinguished himself as a political theorist active in the global peace, environmental, democracy and social justice movements. His paintings and drawings presented in this collection celebrate the wonders of nature and the multi-faceted expressions of everyday human life. They are dedicated to Mark’s family, with special thanks to one of his sons, Tim Reader, actor and playwright, who died of complications of Type 1 diabetes in 2005. As a practicing ASU emeritus artist, Reader’s most recent donations to public educational and nonprofit institutions include 5 paintings of the Peruvian Andes to the children and staff of McCarver Elementary School (Tacoma) in memory of those who died at Newtown, Connecticut, along with 50-plus paintings to the University of Washington-Tacoma.