Executive and continuing education

Arizona State University and the  Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions offers a variety of opportunities for those wishing to pursue executive education or continuing education courses. 

Bob Ramsey Executive Education

For more than 25 years, Bob Ramsey Executive Education has helped professionals from federal, state, county, municipal, and tribal governments and agencies earn Certified Public Manager®, Certified Municipal Clerk, or Master Municipal Clerk credentials or enhance their management and leadership competencies. The center also assists governments and agencies with strategic planning and the implementation of staff development initiatives.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

The mission of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Arizona State University is to provide university-quality learning experiences for adults ages 50 and over through diverse short courses and lectures, campus-based learning opportunities, and civic engagement initiatives.

ASU Continuing Education

ASU's Continuing Education program offers over 350 courses in a wide variety of fields and subjects, including Nonprofit Management and Public Service, designed to help advance your career, challege yourself, and achieve your goals.

Nonprofit Management Institute at the ASU Lodestar Center

The ASU Lodestar Center offers an array of workshops, trainings and resources to assist in cultivating immediately usable, real-world skills that help nonprofit professionals continue to excel in an ever-changing environment. These professional development opportunities help ensure participants are well-versed in the most current nonprofit issues, trends, and skills. Since 1999, the Nonprofit Management Institute (NMI) has filled a unique educational niche by enabling hundreds of working adults to reach their professional development goals. With online, in-person, and webinar certificate programs, NMI is dedicated to building the capacity for those who lead, manage and support nonprofit organizations. Participants have access to outstanding instructors selected from an extensive network of senior nonprofit leaders; a technologically relevant and sophisticated curriculum that provides participants with a strong foundation in nonprofit management and leadership; an active peer network that engages participants and instructors throughout the certificate program and beyond; and a flexible fee-structure with discounts offered for groups and advance registrations. NMI certificate offerings are rigorous in content and offered as non-credit courses. The majority of participants have already earned an associate, bachelor’s, master’s or professional degree, but degree completion is not a prerequisite. Mostly, NMI participants share a common interest in seeking high-quality instruction and immediately-usable management tools in an environment designed especially for adult learning. For easy access, courses take place at a number of locations throughout the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas, as well as online.