Eugene Grigsby

Professor Emeritus of Art - October 17, 1918-June 9, 2013 - was one of America’s leading artists, recognized internationally as an artistic voice for the African American. Born in Greensboro, North Carolina, he received his education at Morehouse College, The Ohio State University and New York University. He received countless awards and distinctions, including recognition by many leading art and African-American publications. Gene was also the subject of numerous one-man and group exhibits throughout the United States. A public collection is located in the Cape Coast Museum of Ghana. Others exist in many states and in several Arizona locations. His paintings and sketches are noted for their energy, brilliance and captivating sense of African American religion and spirituality, as well as the warmth of the ethnic family. Attendees from across the country gathered in tribute of his contributions to the world of art education at his memorial service in October.