This night will feature information about the Pastor Center presented by the director of the center, Albero Reyes-Olivas, the dean of the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, Jonathon Koppell, as well as a special guest appearance by Ed Pastor. 

Welcome to the Community Solutions Co-op!

You are part of a dynamic group of students, faculty, alumni and community partners all committed to developing solutions and strengthening our communities. SERVECON is an introduction to the exciting challenges you will be taking on -- not when you graduate, but today. You'll develop a community impact statement and get ready for hands-on work to make that goal happen.

Career & internship information

Career & Internship information

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School of Community Resources & Development

All students in the School of Community Resources & Development are required to complete a Senior Internship. The Senior Internship allows students to put theory to practice working in a professional agency under the supervision of an Agency Internship Supervisor and an Academic Internship Supervisor.