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Job opportunities

The ASU Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions faculty and academic professionals are committed to advancing research and discovery of public value, preparing the next generation of public service leaders to take on complex challenges in urban and rural environments and assuming responsibility for the economic, social and cultural health of the communities we serve. There has never been a greater need for public service leaders who are not only prepared but also passionate about effecting change in our communities.

We seek to recruit and retain a diverse workforce as a reflection of our commitment to serve the people of our state, maintain the excellence of the University, and offer our students richly varied disciplines, perspectives, and ways of knowing and learning. Arizona State University is committed to creating a community in which a diverse population can learn, live, and work in an atmosphere of tolerance, civility, and respect for the rights and sensibilities of each individual without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, medical condition, age, political affiliation, Vietnam era veteran status or any other veteran’s status, or any other basis protected by law. 

The Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions uses Interfolio faculty and academic professional searches. Applicants receive a free Dossier account and submit application materials free of charge. Applicants need to apply via the corresponding Apply Now link for each position.

Watts College

School of Social Work

Position Post date Action
Faculty Associate/Academic Associate Pool Yuma AY 2024-2025
Faculty Associate/Academic Associate Pool Tucson AY 2024-2025
Faculty Associate/Academic Associate Pool Downtown Phoenix, Tempe and West Valley AY 2024-2025
Faculty Associate/Academic Associate Pool ASU Online AY 2024-2025

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Position Post date Action
Academic Associate Pool-MACJ AY2024-25 Job ID: 137754
Academic Associate Pool-Crime Analysis AY2024-25 Job ID: 137753
Faculty Associate Pool-Forensic Scientific Criminal Investigations AY2024-25 Job ID: 137761
Faculty Associate Pool-Theory, Methods, Statistics and Policy AY2024-25 Job ID: 137771
Faculty Associate Pool-Public Safety Leadership EMS, Fire, Police Professionals AY2024-25 Job ID: 137769
Faculty Associate Pool- Terrorism and Homeland Security AY2024-25 Job ID: 137770
Faculty Associate Pool-Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice AY2024-25 Job ID: 137768
Faculty Associate Pool-Criminal Justice Systems AY2024-25 Job ID: 137755
Faculty Associate Pool-Crime Analysis MSCA AY2024-25 Job ID: 137756

School of Public Affairs

Position Post date Action
Assistant Professor-Public Budgeting and Finance PP4649
Academic Associate Pool EMHS Pool Job ID: 138047
Academic Associate Pool Job ID: 138043
Faculty Associate Pool PEDA Job ID: 138060
Faculty Associate Pool EMHS Job ID: 138056
Faculty Associate Pool Job ID: 138051

School of Community Resources and Development

Position Post date Action
FA Pool Tourism Development Management Job ID: 137522
FA Pool Special Events Management Job ID: 137502
FA Pool Parks, Recreation & Sport Management Job ID: 137482
FA Pool Nonprofit Leadership and management Job ID: 137470
FA Pool Therapeutic Recreation Job ID: 137524