Student life

A dynamic group committed to making a positive change locally and globally

Your passion might be to be at the grass-roots level helping families or individuals, or you might be interested in looking more broadly at policies and systems that govern our cities, towns and urban areas. What is your solution? We want to know—and we’ll help you achieve that dream.

There are many opportunities at ASU to help you gain the experience in your field, but also take advantage of the opportunities that you have as part of a major metropolitan university—events, internships, and simply the proximity to the community that we serve. We are here to help you find those outlets. 

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Opportunities for current students

Find out about undergraduate research, organizations and other opportunities to make the most out of your ASU experience. Interested in volunteering? Get tips and resources in this guide (information from 

College, university and community events

Attending events - both on and off campus - will enhance your college experience by providing entertaining, educational and social activities that enrich your time at ASU and provide a sense of community, belonging and purpose. 

Barrett, the Honors College

Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University is a selective residential college that recruits academically - outstanding undergraduates across the nation. Barrett students enjoy an array of opportunities, including study abroad programs, participation in research and internships, invitations to social and cultural events, and meetings with campus visitors of notoriety and achievement.

Enrollment Resource Guide

Know the information you need to know all in one place.  From payment plan information to advice on how to find scholarships.