A solutions-oriented approach

Arizona State University is a forerunner in research productivity. More importantly, ASU research is use-inspired, socially embedded, a catalyst for change and innovation, and highly responsive to real-world problems. The Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions leads the university in the production of research that has system-wide and largescale impact on a myriad of social, behavioral, economic, and political challenges. Through rigorous applied research, we are developing solutions with the potential to better our response to pressing issues and positively impact our communities locally, nationally and globally.

Solutions more often than not require work that gets out of academic silos. Although our disciplines appear diverse, the commonality is clear in the projects that we take on: social work and criminology share strong links around the cycles of victimization and criminality that must be broken; vibrant urban centers require efficient administration and robust public participation as much as safety and economic vitality.

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