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This certificate program in public policy prepares students for professional careers as policy analysts and leaders in public service who are involved in the formulation, approval, implementation and evaluation of public policy at all levels of government and in the private and nonprofit sectors. The program is designed to give students analytical techniques and conceptual frameworks for understanding policy issues as well as for identifying potential solutions and applying these skills to real-world issues.

Program Offered

Public Policy (Graduate Certificate)

Offered by
Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions


Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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Program Requirements

Required Core (9 credit hours)
PAF 505 Public Policy Analysis (3)
PAF 540 Advanced Policy Analysis (3)
PAF 541 Program Evaluation (3)

Electives (6 credit hours)

Additional Curriculum Information
The electives are chosen from a list of preapproved courses and will be selected with the faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will direct the selection of the electives to ensure that they focus on a common theme, and to see that the students' experiences in the courses align with the learning goals outlined for the certificate. For the electives, students select any two three-credit PAF courses that are 500-level. Students should note that PAF 504 is a prerequisite for PAF 505.

Students are required to maintain at least a 3.00 GPA (scale is 4.00 = "A") and to have no more than one grade below a "B-" in courses taken to complete the certificate program.