Assessment of Integrative Health Modalities (Graduate Certificate)

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The graduate certificate program in assessment of integrative health modalities was designed to provide students with extensive knowledge of integrative health practices. The certificate aims to provide students with an experiential and didactic experience where cutting edge research is explored, advanced skills are developed and a mindfulness practice is nurtured.

Students have an opportunity to complete one of the following options to satisfy the culminating project for the certificate: students can opt to explore deeper a topic of interest by completing an individual research paper or choose a community activity that demonstrates mastery and application of advanced skills gained while enrolled in the certificate.

Program Offered

Assessment of Integrative Health Modalities (Graduate Certificate)

Offered by
Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions


Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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Program Requirements

Required Core (9 credit hours)
SWG 655 Quality of Life, Mastering Mindfulness (3)
SWG 656 Treating the Whole Person (3)
SWG 657 Holistic Therapies for Modern Times (3)

Transdisciplinary Electives (6)

Additional Curriculum Information
After the completion of the three approved courses and prior to completing the last course of the program, students are required to complete a research project highlighting their certificate experience.