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Local, National and Global Collaboration
Maryvale One Square Mile

Watts College is leading an effort to revitalize the Maryvale community by collaborating directly with local leaders to bolster their efforts and increase community engagement.

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Media Coverage
Watts Gift

The college became the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions in 2018, reflecting a generous, $30 million gift in 2018 from Mike and Cindy Watts.

Public Service
Public Service Academy

ASU’s Watts College is home to the nation’s first and only Public Service Academy. Established in 2014, the PSA prepares student for careers in public service with the goal of producing character-driven leaders.


Educator, public policy scholar and passionate advocate for equipping students with the tools to tackle society’s most vexing challenges. Dean Koppell is a visionary leader who inspires a commitment to the larger community and living a life of public service. Read more here


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