Meet the Dean

Jonathan Koppell is dean of Arizona State University’s Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions and is the Lattie and Elva Coor Presidential Chair in the School of Public Affairs.

He actively engages in Arizona civic affairs while leading the emergence of Watts College as the nation’s largest public service college centering on direct action to address society’s most challenging issues. Emphasizing the transcendent focus on “public goods” that unifies the specializations of the college’s four distinct schools (criminal justice, community development, public administration and policy, and social work), Koppell is passionate about connecting the college to the community and preparing students for lives of conscientious engagement and service.


Educator, public policy scholar and passionate advocate for equipping students with the tools to tackle society’s most vexing challenges. Dean Koppell is a visionary leader who inspires a commitment to the larger community and living a life of public service. Read more here

Featured work

Thought leadership comes in many forms. Dean Koppell’s featured work includes two books, a 10-part video and essay series exploring what it means to make America great again and numerous news articles and videos. Explore them here


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