Building prosperous communities

The Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions is Arizona State University’s laboratory for the innovative production of public goods. We are committed to fearlessly taking on the most daunting challenges facing society and creating an impact with our multidisciplinary approach to solving problems. Whether the focus is on public safety, social welfare, public administration or community development, we bring creativity, systems-level thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit to our mission of building, sustaining and promoting dynamic, prosperous communities.

Arizona State University’s commitment to the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves is embedded in its charter.

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Book authorship among tenured faculty members is a regular byproduct of their research and scholarship. It’s rarer, although not unheard of, that nontenured instructors are also writing books...Read more

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hardest on the most vulnerable people, and Arizona State University students have been working to help one group in downtown Phoenix.

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An Arizona nonprofit is $10,000 richer, thanks to a grant from a charitable foundation presented by an Arizona State University social work class.

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Researchers at the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions have identified the first of 10 ZIP codes where during the next two years they will conduct 29,000 coronavirus tests...Read more

Arizona State University President Michael Crow honored members of the ASU community during the 2020 President’s Recognition Ceremony, which was held virtually on Oct. 7.

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As K-12 schools prepare for reopening, coronavirus safety protocol isn't the only issue that school officials are debating.

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When people are incarcerated, their families also suffer, surrounded by shame and stigma. Especially little kids.

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