Watts College professor elected to chair Arizona State Parks Board

Dale Larsen, professor of practice and director of community relations for Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, has been voted as Chairman of the Arizona State Parks Board for a 2nd consecutive year. Larsen was recently nominated by Governor Ducey to fulfill a new 6 year term on the State Parks Board. The nomination was approved and confirmed by the full State Senate during the current legislative session.

Larsen has been a manager in the public parks and recreation field for 4 decades, most recently as the director for the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department before retiring in 2010. He teaches undergraduate and graduate coursework in park, recreation, conservation, community engagement and external leadership. He is co-author of college textbooks and articles pertaining to parks and public lands and is often asked to comment on public land use issues. Larsen has taught at ASU for 35 years.

Larsen is President of the Camp Colley Foundation (Northern Arizona outdoor adventure camp for inner city Phoenix children), a board member of the White Tank Mountains Conservancy, a Board member of the Maryvale Revitalization Corporation and a contributor to the Kishwaukeetoe Nature Conservancy in Lake Geneva/Williams Bay, Wisconsin.