Watts College Faculty Editors

Name Publication School
Mary Feeney Journal of Public Administration Theory and Research SPA
Yushim Kim Journal of Public Policy Analysis and Management SPA
Chris Herbst Journal of Public Policy Analysis and Management SPA
Donald Siegel Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Technology Transfer SPA
Barry Bozeman Journal of Technology Transfer SPA
Ulrich Jensen Journal of Behavioral Public Administration SPA
Kristy Holtfretter Feminist Criminology CCJ
Hank Fradella Criminal Law Bulletin CCJ
Dustin Pardini Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology. CCJ
Hank Fradella Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law & Society, CCJ
Hank Fradella Criminal Justice Studies CCJ
Hank Fradella Journal of Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice, CCJ
John Hepburn Routledge publishing CCJ
Kevin Wright Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law & Society CCJ
Kevin Wright Race and Justice: An International Journal, CCJ
Kristy Holtfretter Consumer Financial Fraud eJournal CCJ
Kristy Holtfretter Criminal Justice & Behavior, CCJ
Mike White Criminology and Public Policy CCJ
OJ Mitchell Race and Justice CCJ
OJ Mitchell Journal of Experimental Criminology CCJ
William Terrill Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice CCJ
Karen Gordon American Sociological Association, Academic and Professional Affairs Program, CCJ
Karen Gordon Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology, CCJ
Jesse Weins Contemporary Justice Review, CCJ
James Herbert Williams Journal of Adolescent Health SSW
Dr. Gyan Nyaupane Tourism Review International CRD
Dr. Mark Hager Nonprofit Management & Leadership CRD
Dr. Dallen Timothy Journal of Heritage Tourism CRD