Video contest supports Spirit of Service Scholars

<div class="plain kssattr-atfieldname-text kssattr-templateId-newsitem_view kssattr-macro-text-field-view inlineEditable" id="parent-fieldname-text"> <p>ASU's College of Public Programs is partnering with Zooppa for a video contest to support the Spirit of Service Scholars initiative. </p> <p>The Spirit of Service Scholars program aims to address the present and future workforce needs in the public and nonprofit sectors by awarding prestigious scholarships to outstanding students and providing them with an extraordinary academic and real-world education; a life-long interdisciplinary network; and committed, effective mentors.</p><p>Participants can win a share of $5,000 in awards. The competition is open to anyone and the deadline is 11:59 p.m. Jan. 22, 2010.  </p><p>For information, visit <a href="">http://spiritofservicesc... </div>