The Watts College Undergraduate Research Council (URC) is a council of students who have conducted undergraduate research and are dedicated to promoting the availability and awareness of research opportunities and providing mentorship and support for Watts College undergraduates.

This is a leadership position with officer roles and other opportunities available. It is a great resume builder while giving students the opportunity to give back to their community as a support system and leader for fellow students and grow the Undergraduate Research Program in Watts College.

To apply to join the Undergraduate Research Council, click HERE.


  • Must be enrolled as a student in Watts College
  • Must have at least 1 semester of research experience
  • Must be willing to participate in monthly meetings
  • Must have a desire to support fellow students and advocate for the program

For information about joining the Undergraduate Research Council, please contact the executive officers listed below or Ellen Lagerman at


Below you can find the ambassador representing your college and their contact information:

Executive Officers

(Name, picture, contact information)