Undergraduate programs

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Arizona State University's Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions offers a variety of related degree programs through our four schools. Take a look at what we have to offer, including required courses, prerequisites and career opportunities for your desired field of study.

Applied Science (Emergency Management), B.A.S.

The concentration in emergency management opens the door to a challenging career as a professional emergency manager.

Community Advocacy and Social Policy, B.A.

The BA program in community advocacy and social policy focuses on advocacy strategies by exploring, analyzing and comparing social service systems and policies in-depth and from an empowerment perspective. Emphasis will be on examining the needs of individuals, families and communities that have been historically under-served.

Community Sports Management, B.S.

The community sports management degree focuses on the many roles recreational and amateur sports play within a community as a mechanism to contribute to the quality of life, domestically and abroad.

Criminology and Criminal Justice, B.S.

The criminology and criminal justice program is for students who want to understand the causes of crime, the role of criminal justice agencies in the control of crime and the consequences of crime.

Nonprofit Leadership and Management, B.S.

Through the bachelor of science in nonprofit leadership and management program, students are empowered to become successful professionals who work to advance the quality of life in communities.

Parks and Recreation Management, B.S.

The bachelor of science in parks and recreation management provides an interdisciplinary education in the management of parks, protected areas, community-based recreation services and special-event management.

Parks and Recreation Management (Therapeutic Recreation), B.S.

The therapeutic recreation program is designed for students who have an interest in providing therapeutic interventions and adaptive recreation services for individuals with social problems, illnesses and disabling conditions.

Public Service and Public Policy, B.S.

The bachelor of science in public service and public policy prepares students for work in all levels of government and nonprofit organizations, through comprehensive coverage of topics in public policy, public leadership and management, and urban studies.

Social Work, B.S.W.

The bachelor's degreeĀ in social work provides you with a strong foundation across roles such as advocacy, referral, case management and problem-solving functions with individuals, groups, families, organizations and the community.

Tourism Development and Management, B.S.

Through the bachelor of science in tourism development and management, you acquire the planning and management skills related to the growth and development of tourism throughout the world.

Tourism Development and Management (Resort and Hotel Leadership), B.S.

A concentration in resort and accommodations leadership will provide students an academic option to study in-depth the resort and accommodations system, and gain knowledge of the importance of the business relationships between suppliers, intermediaries and vendors, guests, and the public and private sectors.

Tourism Development and Management (Sustainable Tourism), B.S.

Students will take courses offered by the School of Sustainability in addition to courses in the School of Community Resources and Development, guaranteeing a strong foundation in the basic theories of the growing field of sustainability while applying these newfound skills to tourism development and management.

Urban and Metropolitan Studies, B.A./B.S.

The urban and metropolitan studies program is for students who want to study and understand urban theory in order to effectively address the challenges of rapid growth, along with other contemporary urban issues.