Techniques for Genuine Collaboration

February 14, 2018 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
ASU SkySong, Scottsdale

Warning: Claims of collaboration are often overstated. Your organization deserves
Genuine Collaboration. Accept no substitutes.

The word “collaboration” is used to describe everything from sitting in a staff meeting to expanding a program with a partner organization. This seminar will present techniques for creating a results-based approach to collaboration, both inside and outside the organization. Success requires accuracy and precision about the type of collaboration. Dialogue about purpose, developing clear reasons for collaborating, shared expectations, and ways of ensuring sustained contributions can serve customers effectively.

In this interactive program, participants will understand the benefits of defining levels of collaboration, addressing roles, resources, strategies, and co-production, leading to continuous improvement. The use of convergent and divergent thinking are employed productively in building successful collaboration.


• Discuss the benefits of collaboration 
• Identify levels of collaboration based upon type of initiative and stage of development
• Ensure a results-based approach to collaboration
• Participate in an exercise to design a practical collaboration 
• Apply the principles to participants’ own organizations


Dr. Sheila E. Murphy is known worldwide as an author, presenter and corporate communication strategist. She is co-founder and President of Executive Advisement, LLC. Dr. Murphy brings extensive executive leadership experience in private and public business sectors and a wealth of consulting and educational depth in designing solutions for optimizing organizational performance.  More...

Who Should Attend

Seminars provide a unique opportunity for administrators, managers, and leaders from all sectors of government, including federal, state, county, tribal, and local, to learn and develop together.  Although the topic will be explored through the lens of the public sector, the concepts discussed in this seminar are applicable to other sectors as well.

Registration Fee: $300

Early Bird Registration Fee: $270
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Linda Hess
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