Spring 2013 Exhibition | Neighborhood Stories

The “AAA” Gallery allows organizations the opportunity to share valuable stories with over 8000+ individuals. The show is an excellent opportunity to increase mission visibility, garner volunteers, gain donor support, and to share the work of your organization through the medium of the arts. 

Spring Art Exhibition 2013


The 2013 spring exhibition is a platform for the voices of organizations and individuals whose missions and interests focus on the neighborhood. What do you think of when you hear the word “neighborhood”? What does your neighborhood look like? What is a neighbor? What are your hopes for your neighborhood? In belonging to a community our lives intersect and influence one another.We are able to create bonds and strengthen relationships. The goal of the spring 2013 exhibition is to use art as a way to celebrate, reflect, and highlight the details, character and history of a neighborhood. We invite you to create painting, drawings, works of mixed media that explore your own backyards, those things you see every day, and the world you hope for.


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