ASU Parents and Family

Resources for the Sun Devil Family 

College is an exciting time for you and we welcome you to the ASU family. You want to let your student know that it is their time to be independent while providing the support they need to make the transition. There are many resources that can help with the transition to Arizona State University and the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions.

ASU has robust opportunities for families including resources here: Sun Devil Family Association website and a brand new Family Hub where you can engage with other families and university officials! 

We hope to see you soon!


Future ASU Students: 

We hope you take advantage of all that ASU has to offer. Please contact our recruitment staff with any questions or concerns,


Current ASU Students:

If you have concerns about your current student experience at ASU and within Watts College please email us at 


Things to know about your Watts College Student Experience: 

First-Year Student: 

1. All first-year students will take ASU 101- Co-Op 101. This is a required course for all first-year students, and in Watts College, we spend time focusing on social problems. In this class, we will ask your student: What social problem do you care about? Why do you care about it? What can you do about it? 

2. We encourage all of our first-year students to attend Camp Co-Op. This is a FREE leadership experience for all first year students at Watts College. 

3. Utilize ASU services- student fees pay for all kinds of great services like tutoring, campus recreation and wellness center, and campus health services. Getting started with these services now will help your student be more successful at ASU. 



1. Encourage your student to take some more risks- join a new club, sign up for a leadership opportunity, study abroad. 

2. Volunteer- your students will have some free time- encourage them the find an organization that they care about and spend that free time giving back to the community. This will help solidify their passion and commitment to public service. 


Junior or New Transfer Student: 

1. Visit the Career Center! Get started on a resume and figure out what else you want to do to get your resume filled out for your ideal first job out of college. 

2. Classes are getting harder, do not forget to encourage your students to seek help! ASU tutoring and visiting faculty during office hours can have a huge impact on student success. 



1. Find an internship! College is a great time to gain some professional experience without the commitment of a full-time job. Many majors in Watts College require internships or field experience in the senior year. 

2. Visit the Career Center again! 

3. Say Yes to more opportunities, college is awesome and your students should have all of the experiences they want to have.