Internal Grants and Funding Mechanism FAQs

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PUBSRV will provide you with the same amount of funding (up to $25,000) that is provided by the partnering organization, university, or fellow ASU unit. For example, if your colleague’s unit, organization, or university provides $5,000, we will provide $5,000. Your match amount will be provided in an account for your use and that account will be housed here at ASU. Your colleague’s match funding can be maintained at his/her university, unit, or organization but we will need a written agreement (and corresponding budget) illustrating that his or her unit is matching our award. Combined, your award and your colleague’s award should cover the total budget needed for your project.
You can; however, such a strategy is not recommended. The funding levels, scope, requirements, and the required external grant application amount differ vastly from category to category. However, if your project idea fits into multiple categories, the best approach might be to apply initially in the category that is offered only once (e. g., Planning Grants). If you do not receive an award in that category or during that particular funding cycle, you could later consider one of the categories (e.g., Technical Assistance, Dissemination, Expansion, or Matching Grants) that is offered during a multi-cycle period.
Categories 1 and 2 are best suited for doctoral students and post-docs. Also, keep in mind that doctoral students and post-docs will need to include a letter of support from their advisor or supervisor. Likewise, doctoral students and post-docs who are using the funding for any purpose other than a conference presentation will need to demonstrate that their supported activities will be sustained within a research center or become incorporated into the work of their advisor upon their departure from the university.
Yes, but please keep in mind that unless you are seeking travel support for a conference presentation in Category #2 Dissemination Grants, the awards require an external research grant application within a year after your project ends. In your application, you will have to demonstrate your plan and capacity to submit an external grant application.
Our goal is to provide a decision within 30-days after the application deadline.
Yes. In fact, we highly recommend that you also apply for the university grants.
The Administrative Service Fee (ASF) is 8.5%. Yes, the university will require the fee to be applied to every project. For projects $30,000 or less, the ASF will be absorbed into the parent award. However, those awards greater than $30,000 should factor the ASF into their budgets.
Please plan way in advance. RAO will be assisting with multiple budgets. Please submit your request for budget assistance at least one-week in advance.
No. The reference page, cover page, and budget components are not a part of your page limit. The page limitation refers to your narrative. Also, once you enter your information into InfoReady, the system will automatically generate your cover page.
At a minimum, your LOI should contain the following components:
  1. Brief description of proposed research project
  2. Name, address, and telephone number of the principal investigator(s) (lead person and lead organization/agency) (if category 6 or 7, it is sufficient to just provide name and unit/school/center)
  3. Names of other community partner organizations and/or participating institutions/groups
  4. Name of the ASU PUBSRV faculty/staff partnering with the community team (if Category 8)
Yes. You must have a co-lead who is a faculty or staff member from PUBSRV. That person must be involved with the project from the very beginning and must remain a co-lead throughout the end of your pilot study and the submission of the larger, external grant application. If you do not know anyone within PUBSRV, we are happy to help you make a connection with a researcher. Please contact us so that we can learn more about your research project ideas and assist you with identifying a PUBSRV faculty/staff who shares your research interest.