Friedman comments on new cadre of public servants


Lisa Robbins

<p><img src="/files/images/Debra_Friedman_6x9.preview.jpg" align="left" height="381" hspace="5" vspace="5" width="254" />Debra Friedman, University Vice President and Dean of ASU's College of Public Programs, discusses the growing national need for a new generation of public servants in a guest column of the <i>Arizona Republic</i> on Nov. 5.</p> <p>&quot;Federal, state and municipal governments are facing a major challenge: Experienced public managers of the Baby Boom generation, like (recently retired Phoenix City Manager Frank) Fairbanks, are retiring or soon plan to do so. And, more than ever, fewer younger professionals are in line and prepared to step into those critical roles,&quot; she writes. </p> <p>Friedman discusses the ways the College is addressing this critical issue through the new <a href="" class="external-link">Spirit of Service</a> initiative.</p>