College leadership

The Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions includes an impressive set of renowned faculty, talented staff, and committed students who work in concert with community partners to build more vibrant, healthy communities. We are reinventing public service education through hands-on, service learning. We serve a diverse and mission-driven student body who do not wait to graduate until they make a difference. Our four schools and twenty research centers are creating and implementing innovative solutions to real world problems. Our team of experienced leaders approaches this important vision with a sense of pride and urgency, recognizing the responsibility we have accepted to be the solution.

Cynthia Lietz
Vice Dean
Joanna Lucio
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
William Terrill
Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary and Academic Programming
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Chief Operating Officer

School directors

Christine Buzinde
Interim School Director
School of Community Resources and Development
Don Siegel
School Director
School of Public Affairs
Jon Gould
School Director
School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
James Herbert Williams
School Director
School of Social Work