ASU West campus

We offer upper-division coursework for bachelor's degree in criminology and social work entirely on the ASU West campus. 

B.S., Criminology and Criminal Justice

This program introduces you to the fundamental foundations of criminal justice and criminology by preparing you to think critically, contribute to society and enhance public safety. Learn about the causes of crime, the role of criminal justice agencies in the control of crime and the consequences of crime. Study the sociological, psychological, biological and economical explanations for individual crime as well as the differences in crime over time and across neighborhoods,
states and countries. Gain an understanding of the history, legal issues and current practices of crime control via police agencies, the court system, prisons, probation and parole.

CRJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ 230 Introduction to Policing
CRJ 302 Research Methods
CRJ 308 Advanced Criminological Theory
CRJ 350 Law and Social Control
CRJ 494 Topic: Community Policing

Bachelor of social work

We prepare social work practitioners committed to social justice and to serving and empowering individuals, families and communities. You’ll learn about advocacy, referral, casework management and problem-solving. You’ll also gain hands-on experience through field placement with a local agency such as public health services, child protective service, treatment centers, senior citizens’ centers and shelters for people who are homeless or abused. The BSW program at
ASU is one of two programs in Arizona fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

SWU 171 Introduction to Social Work
SWU 303 Micro Human Behavior and the
Social Environment
SWU 320 Research Methods in Social Work

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